Monday, June 07, 2010

Day 262

I had a wonderful group of girls come over today and we studied and chatted for a few hours. I am feeling pretty good about the test coming up. We munched on homemade zucchini-banana bread that I made this morning and we also had some veggies, fruit, and coffee while we were studying. My tomatoes are looking really good. I have 24 so far, I counted them this morning. Most of them re still really tiny, but they still count.

We met up with Mom, Dad, Ally, and Shay and we went to Jhanjay Thai.

For Dinner: Ginger Delight: Steamed mixed veggies with steamed tofu in a fresh ginger sauce with brown rice. We also split a dessert with black sticky rice and coconut ice cream. It was really interesting.

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