Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 269

For Breakfast: Coffee.

I woke up particularly early this morning up in arlington. I came downstairs to watch the food network and soon everybody else was up. We basically all got up, got ready, and went our separate ways. Cassi and Josh took off and Mom, Dad, and Shay left soon after. Tim, Ally, and I went shopping. I had to get a gift for a baby shower I was going to today. After we were finished at the Outlets we headed down towards Seattle. Little did I know a surprise party had been in the works for some time. We got off a a weird exit when we reached Seattle and i started getting suspicious. We drove down to Magnuson Park and before I knew it I walked right into my own surprise graduation party. Cassi and my family planned and put on the whole thing! We had so much fun! A bunch of people came and celebrated with me. Soccer girls, school buddies, even Cassi's Aunt, Uncle, and cousins were there. It was really nice!

For Lunch: BBQ Chicken breast on a mini whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato pickle and onion. There were veggies, fruit, snacks, chippies, and lemonade.

We had so much fun!!! I have never had a surprise party before and it was really sweet for everybody to do that for me. It has basically been the best weekend ever! I opened my graduation present from Cassi at the party. She got me an incredible set of special knives. A chef Knife and a pearing knife and she had them monogramed. They are so beautiful and sharp!

The first thing I did when I got home was plant some more herbs in a planter that Cassi's Aunt and Uncle got me. It is a perfect size for the herbs I had from my soccer team.

Later tonight Cassi and I drove over to the condo and hung out with Ally, Mom, and Dad. I brought over a special bottle of wine that I won in a competition. It was a 97 Cab from Napa Valley and it was very good. Then we came home and went to bed.

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