Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 265

Only 100 days left until I hit the year mark.

For Lunch: Cassi and I made a grilled eggplant sandwich with marinara and toasted whole wheat baguette.

I went to Biosonics today and showed Ally and mom my outfit for graduation. Then I came home and got ready. I picked up a couple of friends and we went shopping. I didn't buy anything accept for a little cardigan for my grad outfit. But we had loads of fun!

For Dinner: We went to Señor Moose Cafe and I had chicken with Mole Negro served with black beans and rice. It was fantastic.

We ended up meeting back up with Cassi after she got out of her class and we went out for a couple of celebration drinks. Allison and I are both graduating and that is definitely reason to celebrate. The down side to all the fun I have been having is that I haven't been feeling very good, mostly just dehydrated, but I do deserve to let loose a bit.

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  1. You have to tell me more abut Señor Moose !!