Monday, June 07, 2010

Day 263

For Breakfast: Americano. 1 petite slice of my zucchini banana bread.

I went to school and studied for my final. Then I went to lunch my my buddies from class.

For Lunch: Vegetarian pho soup.

I went to my final and did pretty well, it was kinda hard. I got a paper back that was a huge part of my grade and I got a 4.0!!! Yay for me! After class a group of us girls went to Solstice cafe and had a celebratory drink. That's it folks, I am done with college!! Adios UW, adios!

I met up with Mom, Ally, and Shay, we looked at shoes downtown for a while but didn't find anything I loved. We stopped in at Ilfornaio and got some food!

For Dinner: Caesar salad with no cheese, and grilled salmon. It was delish.

I had a glass of wine tonight with everybody at the condo, but now feel really crummy. I think not working out has had a really bummer effect on my disposition, I feel worthless that I haven't gone to the gym in so long, tomorrow I will go, I hope.

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