Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 267

Cassi and I spent the morning getting ready for graduation tonight. I went to the CHID department to fill out some paperwork to have my thesis changed. When I got there I gave them a copy of my book, and everyone was really blown away. Cynthia the CHID advisor said I should have the thesis changed to a 15 credit because of how substantial it was. I am very proud!

Came home and helped clean up the house.

For Lunch: Simmered clack beans with JalapeƱos and white corn tortillas.

I put my dress on and got all gussied up for the big night. We met at Cicchetti, a small plates restaurant just a block up the road. Then we went to graduation. It was very nice. And Shay made sure to take a lot of pictures. Here is a link to the slide show of all the pictures!

Graduation Pictures!

After graduation the six of us, ally, shay, time, josh, cassi, and I went back to our apartment and celebrated more! We drank some beer and had a celebration cheers with some special alcohol cassi brought back from Prague a couple years ago!

For Dinner: We ate at Cicchetti, and at the gradution, and at home. Basically all night. We had fresh baked focaccia bread and asparagus, and a margarita pizza at Cicchetti, and chips and salsa and toquitos at the graduation and at the apartment. W snagged a tray of food from graduation!

It was an amazing night!

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