Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 266

For Breakfast: Grapefruit.

I relaxed most of the morning and when Cassi got home from class we ran some errands. I took my books back to the bookstore and looked at a whole bunch of Alumni stuff. I might have to get something to show off my pride. I bought a dress that is absolutely adorable, it might be my new favorite item of clothing, I can't wait to wear it in Charleston next weekend. I am going on a trip with Aunt Lisa and I am so excited. I have been so focused on school and graduation that I haven't been able to get excited about my trip, well I am getting REALLY excited now!

We met up with Tim and Tommy (Tim's friend from school) for lunch down near the market. We went to pike place brewery.

For Lunch: Salad of romaine with black beans, a wild salmon filet and jalapeƱos.

We went on the boat with mom, dad, tim, and tommy today. When we got home we made dinner together.

For Dinner:  Roasted brussel sprouts with pecans and garlic, grilled herbed tofu and sweet potato fries.

I had a pretty bad accident in the kitchen tonight. I was using my mandolin slicer to cut the sweet potato fries and I slipped and sliced my pinky open. It wasn't that bad but because of the pain and the blood I actually fainted and fell to the ground. I have a history of doing this but I haven't done it in front of Cassi before. I really scared her. She was leaning over me and shouting my name and I was completely unresponsive. I ended up being fine, no stitches or anything and I had my own personal nurse to help me band-aid it all up. It was an eventful cooking experience but it's always scary, fainting isn't fun.

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