Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 224

Woke up early and finished packing. Cassi and I met a couple of the girls in the lobby and we all went to the airport together. We got through security with a enough time to grab some coffee and breakfast before we got on our plane.

For Breakfast: Bran muffin and an Americano.

On our layover in Portland we stopped for some lunch.

For Lunch: Cobb salad with no cheese and a balsamic dressing, and a cup of chicken and couscous soup.

I just got home and two great things came in the mail, my fitbit, and my training tee for the Danskin Triathlon my mom and I are doing. I have some major homework to do but I definitely am going to take some time and figure out my fitbit!

My teammates took some really great pictures of the tournament and I will post them on my blog as soon as they get them to me!

For Dinner: Two eggs and a peanut butter luna Bar.

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