Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 223

For Breakfast: Luna bar and coffee.

We tied our last game of the tournament and we finished really strong. I really played hard today and put everything out on the field. I made it through all four games and now I get to have a day of vacation! After the game we rushed back to the hotel and got our suits on and went to the pool, which was very classy. I was so impressed with the pool and the poolside service Cassi and I ordered lunch there and the food was great.

For Lunch: Iced Tea and we split a BLT sandwich and a Chicken Caesar salad.
 (I can't believe I am putting these pictures up, I have come such a long way!)

If you know me then you know that I often abuse my relationship with the sun. I love laying out (something I have been too shy to do until recently) and I hate wearing sunscreen. AKA, I am stupid. I think it goes without saying, I got really sunburned!

After a few hours Cassi and I decided to take a walk. Our team thought it would be fun if we could go to a show together tonight. Cassi and I volunteered to go check out what we could get tickets to. We ended up going to the Mystere, it’s a cirque di Solei show and it was really great!

Before the show our team just grabbed something quick and inexpensive.

For Dinner: Two tiny chicken tacos with chicken breast and pico de gallo and some chips and guacamole.

We went to bed right after the show, most of us were so tired from getting whaled on in the tournament, bed sounded so good.

Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday Nana, Love you!


  1. Wow - bikini shots!! You look beautiful Katy - you've come a long way baby!

  2. breathed a sigh of relief when you played injury free
    great pics & and album
    Chocked up over Bday greeting
    love Nana