Friday, April 09, 2010

Day 207

For Breakfast: Two eggs. One Piece of Toast.

I spent almost the entire day in bed. I am starting to feel better but I stayed home from work tonight to let myself rest. I should be feeling good enough to go to work tomorrow though. I feel bad that I didn't go to the gym at all this week. Only two weeks until Las Vegas and I still need to shed some pounds.

For Lunch: Whole wheat penne. I made Cassi some for lunch and had a small bowl for myself. It was simple just some olive oil, lemon, and salt and pepper.

For Dinner: A bowl of the 9 grain cereal with rice milk.

I got a call today from Kara-Lee. She is the woman I emailed last week about the intern position at Community Kitchens Northwest. I applied last week and told them a bit about myself. This is something that I think I am perfect for and would be such an amazing opportunity. I got it! I am so excited! Kara-Lee said that she was very interested in what I wrote about my thesis project (this blog) and she was excited to work with me!

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