Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 314

Today was a pretty busy day. I went to Physical Therapy and also went to get my passport photo taken. I decided it's time to get a passport, now you can't even get to Canada without one. 

For Breakfast: Coffee.

For Lunch: I had a salad from Louisa's bakery. It's called the no name salad and it has spinach in a light pesto dressing and is topped with warmed white beans, artichoke hearts, and panchetta. 

I went with mom and Cassi this evening to help them train for the triathlon. I have to admit it's pretty hard to watch them train, knowing that I should be out there with them. I had all these visions of myself before I got re-injured. I could picture myself and how amazing I would look by this time. Ready for the race and looking fantastic. But now I am here, I've gained probably almost 10 lbs and I am feeling very down in the dumps. I hate that I can't get out and run around the lake, or go for a bike ride . . . or play soccer.

Cassi and Mom did a fantastic job and I am so proud of them.

For Dinner: Shrimp taco salad from Tacos Guaymas, we stopped there on our way home.

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