Thursday, December 02, 2010

Yeah for a day off!

I haven't written since Monday . . . let's see what I have missed.

Tuesday I worked a double and didn't eat until I got to work.

For Breakfast/ Lunch: I had some rice and vegetables, family food. Coffee.

I worked straight through and Cassi came in to work with me during the evening shift. I feel like they are firing people left and right at Il Fornaio. Does no one consider that if you get rid of half of the employees the remaining half will suffer?

For Dinner: Spinach salad with onion, mushrooms, bacon, balsamic vinaigrette.

I didn't get home until after ten and we went straight to bed.

Wednesday I woke up early and went in to an interview for a new Tom Douglas restaurant. I think it went pretty well, but we will see.

For Lunch: rice with mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and shrimp with a saffron rice.

I came home and quickly made the icing because last night I had my volunteering at community kitchens. Monday I made the cookies and I needed to make the icing and put them into the piping bags I made out of parchment paper. The cookies are vegan and gluten free and the icing is too. I think I may have told you that but some of the kids I work with at the family kitchen have food allergies so the recipes I make have to be suitable so everyone can participate.

I will post the recipes next.

The kids went crazy for decorating the cookies, it turned out perfect and the parents were so thankful that my cookies kept the kids engaged and were safe for everyone.

It was an incredible night. Being in charge of the kids activities is a perfect job for me, and seeing how excited they got to help make the cookies, I just wish I had funding and could do it full time. :)

I slept in this morning, (Thursday) we finally got rolling and went to get some food, because I haven't been grocery shopping in forever!

For Breakfast: Two poached eggs atop an english muffin, spinach, roasted bell peppers and pesto, with a side of fruit and potatoes.

I just finished eating dinner, We stayed home and cooked. It was so nice to just chill, and we decorated for Christmas today, our apartment looks awesome!

For Dinner: Chicken breast sauteed in an awesome homemade piccata sauce. (Artichokes, capers, lemon, white wine, garlic, butter) roasted vegetables (Red potatoes, butternut squash, onion and garlic) So good, and so full.

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