Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sew Excited

I woke up yesterday nice and early, so I could make coffee and get ready work with enough time to not feel like I was running out the door. Work was good, not to busy and quite easy. I worked with Kay and Andy and Lisa, some of my favorites, I've got to tell ya. I got out of there around three and was so excited to go home and have more soup that I made last night.

For Lunch: 17 bean Soup. So, So good.

I literally spent the next three hours researching sewing machines. Nana is going to get me a sewing machine for christmas and I am truly trying to find the best one for me, but there are so many I get confused. It's a long process and I think I need help. I am so excited!

Kay came over and we hng out and played music. We love to improve songs and record them it's kind of our thing, we are both singers and both guitar players and so it's really fun to play and sing together.

For Dinner: I have another bowl of soup and later a scoop of non-fat plain frozen yogurt with dark chocolate chips.

It was a pretty early night, Kay left and Cassi and I went to bed.

1 comment:

  1. all your pics and reporting SO GOOD
    going to make the soup and use the gullah Sp?
    keep sew search
    xxoo Nana