Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tour de Biker Butt

The last few days have been amazing. Tuesday I went to the gym twice again. We got up early before work and worked out then I went back to the gym after my lunch shift was over. I went home and ate lunch. I made myself an egg sandwich:two scrambled eggs with pesto and and roasted garlic on one of those skinny wheat bagels. I picked up a dinner shift and went back to work and closed. I ate some capellini pasta with tomato sauce while I was there. All in all a long day of working and working out.

Yesterday (wednesday) was amazing!  We woke up and Cassi made coffee while I got ready for Physical Therapy. Ever since I have been working out and really trying to rebuild strength in my knee it has been feeling better. I rode my bike to physical therapy. Mark took me out to the field again and we ran and did some side shuffling and it felt much better than the last time I tried to do that.

Ainslie and Cassi rode down and met me after my session. Cassi brought me a bran muffin. Yum. From UW we set out on the Burke Gilman trail and had plans to ride all the way to Woodinville to the wineries and breweries. It took us about 1 1/2 hours. It was  25 mile ride . . . each way! When we got there we went to the Redhook brewery and ate lunch we were starving!

For Lunch: Wild Salmon sandwich with lettuce and tomato on grilled focaccia bread, with a side salad. It was good.

The girls both had beers but I stuck with water. After out meal with decided to go on the brewery tour, which was great.  did have the beer samples that came along with the tour, I figured, why not? The ride home was more difficult than the ride there. We were tired and the bike butt at that point was substantial. I was definitely feelin' the burn!

I can't believe I did 50 miles on my bike today!!! So proud, so awesome! After we got home we put our suits on and went straight to 24 hour fitness and got in the hot tub, after a ride like that I needed my muscles to turn to mush in the warmth of the sauna, and then the steam room, and the hot tub, after that I literally felt like gumby.

We came home and Cassi helped me make dinner.

For Dinner: Roasted chicken seasoned with the special Gullah seasoning from the low country. We chopped up a huge amount of veggies for roasting, so many the only way I could toss them all in my olive oil and spices was to throw them into a trash bag, my own version of shake 'n' bake! Butternut squash, yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted garlic cloves, sweet onion, I tossed with salt, pepper, dried oregano, mustard seed, and another splash of the Gullah seasoning. I put most of the veggies into ziplocs and into the fridge, and spread some onto the pan and into the oven to roast.  I tried something different with the chicken because part of me can't stand the awkwardness of a whole chicken so I split it right down the middle before I cooked it. I removed the back bone and from there took my sharp knife and split the bird right in-between the breasts. Then laid the chicken down flat on the pan so all the skin was exposed and facing up ready to be browned and crisped. I have never done this before I think I will do this from now on. The chicken was perfectly cooked and delicious, and the dark meat got as much attention as the breast which usually hogs the spotlight and the browned, crisped skin. It was fantastic!!!

We faded pretty quickly after that. Such a wonderful fall day. And man to I feel good about myself again!

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  1. 50 miles-i can't even imagine-let alone your healing knee-WOW!MUCH XXOXX Nana