Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, Sunday.

Well I was supposed to work a double yesterday, but when I got there it wasn't busy enough for them to use me, so I offered to come in and close instead of making one of the other servers who had been there all day stay and close up too. So that's what I did, I walked around with Cassi downtown for a bit and then worked.

For Lunch: Grilled salmon with a lemon and artichoke piccata sauce with sauteed broccolini and carrots. It was amazing. When I got to work and they didn't need me I decided to eat. They owed me a meal, so I splurged and got the salmon.

I didn't eat again until after work at around 10, I went to the condo to pick up Cassi who was there hanging out with my family. Mom had brought down lots of pie from thanksgiving.

For Dessert: I had a piece of Pecan pie that Ally had made. It was delish.

Cassi and I came home and went to bed pretty quick.

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