Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gotta Get Get

All I want is get home to Arlington. I got called in tonight to work, which ruined my plans to go up early and help Mom and Ally with the baking, only to have three tables and get phased at 7:30. Genius. Totally a ridiculous decision on behalf of the management. Now I am home and waiting for Tim to get off so we can pick him up, snag Jenna and get on our way up home.

The beginning part of my day was better, I slept in a bit and woke up and packed for Arlington. Then went to the grocery store to get some things for the relish tray.

For Breakfast: Coffee, and two eggs and one piece of multi-grain toast.

For Lunch: Sauteed tofu and couscous. Honestly it's the only thing we have in our apartment, but it was okay, I guess.

I haven't eaten dinner yet and this late in the evening, it's hard to say whether or not dinner is going to happen. I wasn't tempted by anything at work, but I did steal a green olive from the bar. No bread, no pasta, no pizza.

It has been so so so long since Cassi and I have been up to Arlington, and I just gotta get home.


  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy breaking bread together. Love up my Jenna. xoxoxo Aunt Kas

  2. Kate hope you guys all have a great Turkey day. The roads out here are a little bit crazy still so drive careful. We have a long ride to Graham tomorrow, would rather stay in A town and have a drink with the Ackers. :) Jodi

  3. Happy Thanksgiving oh how i would love to eat all the feast