Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steppin' Out

Last night Cassi and I had the night off together. We ran some errands and then decided to do something different for dinner. We ended up going to an Afghan Cuisine restaurant that was truly amazing. I would never pick this kind of cuisine usually but I realized while reading the reviews of this place online, that I really had never tried anything like it. The place is called Kabul and is right in Wallingford. Oh my goodness it was so good.

For Dinner: We started with cardamon hot tea which was their specialty drink as the server explained to us. Then we ordered to appetizers and one entree for us to split. All of it was great.

Bolani -Turnovers filled with scallions, cilantro and potato, served with yogurt-garlic dip.

Shornakhod -A salad composed of chickpeas and kidney beans with a crushed cilantro, lemon and vinegar dressing. 

Badenjan Borani -Eggplant sauteed and simmered in a lightly spiced tomato-based sauce, served on a bed of yogurt garlic sauce, sprinkled with dried mint.

The flavors were so fresh and the atmosphere was great too.

Cassi and I just got back from the gym it is about 1:30 and soon we will both have to get ready for work. We jogged to and from the gym which round trip is 3.22 miles, we tracked it. When we got to the gym we focused on strength building exercises, since we already had the cardio taken care of.

For Lunch: I just made a smoothie for us. frozen berries, flaxseeds, protein powder a touch of cranberry juice concentrate.

Work, working out, my knee, my health, I feel like everything is going pretty well!

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  1. afghan food sounds delicious
    i am sorry we don't have that cuisine here
    happy to see your post
    xx Nana