Saturday, January 08, 2011

Not Too Shabby!

I woke up Wednesday and spent some good quality time with my kitchen. I roasted some garlic, to make pesto, I made pesto from the ridiculous amount of Basil I bought, and I even roasted a chicken, and I took pictures of everything!

First I roasted garlic:
I just use foil and put peeled garlic in the oven with a bit olive oil and salt. Super simple.

That's it! I put it in the oven at about 375-400 for an hour.

Then I made pesto. I make my pesto vegan. I use raw almonds, salt, pepper, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and fresh basil, with roasted garlic.

First I get my food processor out and chop up my almonds. I buy slivered almonds because I use them for lots of other things.

I set the almonds aside and clean my basil. After I food process my basil I add the almonds back and salt and pepper and then slowly add my oil. I don't measure how much I use, everything to taste and consistency.

Quite simple really.

The next thing I did was roast a chicken so I can use it through the work week in sandwiches and for salads. First I prep the bird. Ever since a couple months ago when I halved the bird before I cooked it and had such great results I have done the same thing. So I rinse and dry the bird and then chop it in half removing only the spine. Then I get my pan ready. I slice some carrots and onion and use it as a riser to elevate the bird from the pan. I season the chicken only with my Gullah seasoning and that's it. and then into the oven for 1 1/2 hours at 425 degrees.

See the carrots and onions?

The rub on the chicken

Half way through the cooking I add some chicken stock that has been simmering with the chicken giblets. 

The stock this makes is awesome!

All that cooking and I actually didn't have any of that. I made Cassi and I the tofu cucumber salad that I had for dinner the other night.

Not Too Shabby!

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