Friday, October 01, 2010

1y + 14d Walk that lake!

I woke up and grabbed some coffee and went to pick up Jenna. We drove over to Genessee Park. That was were the Triathlon was held and we were fixin' to take a nice long walk, so I figured we should go and walk near lake Washington and do it right.

We walked from Genessee park all the way to Seward parl and then around the loop and back to our car at Genessee.

I found a picture of where we walked: Looks like we did 6 miles!

We came home after that and ate something, we were tired!

For Lunch: I just sauteed some peppers, onions, mushrooms, and black beans with garlic and jalapeno and heated some corn tortillas. It was good!

I got ready for work and went in, but it was so slow both Cassi and I got home nice and early. One of Cassi's good friends is in town and we are going to go meet up with her!

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