Sunday, October 10, 2010

1y + 23d La Isla= La Awesome.

My knee is feeling a little better today. We have nothing in our apartment in terms of food, which is really frustrating because I like to go to the grocery store a do a big order but i don't have the cash to get a big order so I end up eating out and snagging food from work, ugh.

For Breakfast: We don't even have any coffee so we went to Louisa's and got some. Also Cassi had a cinnamon roll the size of my head and I had a small cup of fruit. I thought, wow, this meal perfectly represents our different metabolisms. 

We went to her soccer game and she played awesome, she had two goals and we won, 2-0. MVP? After soccer we went top go pick up Parker, Cassi's cousin. We grabbed some lunch with him.

For Lunch: We went to a mexican place, I had a chicken chalupa, basically a tostada with a fold in it.

Then we went and did something awesome! We went and painted pottery at one of those pottery studios. We picked out our pieces and got painting. I made an oval serving dish, Parker got a large square plate and Cassi painted a mug. We had a lot of fun! Afterwards I took them both to get cupcakes, I opted out.

We dropped Parker off and went to meet up wt my parents . . . such a social day. Mom, Dad, Cassi, and I had a great dinner at La Isla, Tim, my brother said its the best meal he's ever paid for, and with a recommendation like that we had to go try it.

For Dinner: Blackened salmon a top a beautiful salad with mixed greens roasted red peppers and a mango, pineapple salsa. It was so good!

Shortly afterwards Cassi and I took off and went home and to bed.

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