Wednesday, October 06, 2010

1y + 20d It's been a long week.

Oh man, I haven't been on here in a long time. It has been a crazy week. First of all Sunday, I started to get sick and have been viciously battling this awful cold, which unfortunately includes vomiting, stuffy nose, tremendous coughing bouts and body aches. It's bananas. Tuesday I stayed home from work and am already struggling to pay the bills, being sick really makes things inconvenient. it really got a hold of me and I feel really under the weather.

On Monday I decided to go see Mark, my physical therapist about the shooting pain I have been feeling in my leg. He really took a good look at everything and he is just about positive that the pain is being caused by my nerve re-generation. The nerve damage I have from having two surgeries and the scar tissue I have built up apparently is the reason for the pain. As my nerves re-grow I am having this shooting pain up and down my leg. Not cool. However I am relieved that there is nothing actually wrong with my leg. I hope this pain goes away soon because it's really hard for me to work and sometimes I literally can't walk it's so bad. Not to mention it has been impossible to work out and I  really need to workout to lose weight and re-hab my knee. Ugh.

Wednesday was the the Community Kitchen and I was in charge of planning the kids' activity. I got Il Fornaio to donate a bunch of bags and Jenna and I made a bunch of felt ghosts, pumpkins and bats and we went crazy! The kids loved the activity and we kept them engaged for hours, remarkable. After the Kitchen we went to the fashion show that Cassi was in, a benefit night for a non-profit called Art with Heart. It's Art therapy for children with disabilities. She did amazing. Here are a few pictures.


Today I made stuffed peppers with onion, mushrooms, eggplant, garlic, zucchini and chicken with whole wheat cous cous and bell peppers from the market. awesome.

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  1. Hi
    long time noview-busy w/prep for op
    great pics.bad pain poor Katy
    love nana