Thursday, March 31, 2011

On the right TRACK

Hello, Hello. I just got back from my second trip around Lake Union. Cassi volunteered at Harborview this morning and I decided I would run without her today. I used the "My Tracks" app on my phone for the first time today, and found it it be really great. It uses GPS so it is very accurate on how far I run, how fast, where I go and records even when I am stopped at cross walk or something like that. I was so impressed with the app and equally impressed with myself. I beat mine and Cassi's time from last Friday by about 5 minutes. I also finally got an accurate reading on how far the Lake Union loop really is. 6.44 miles! Pretty awesome for an old goober like myself. This time around it took me 1:10:07 and my average running speed was 5.89 miles per hour. I think it's a great starting off point. I just uploaded a picture of the map.
The pink marker is where Cassi and I live and there's the loop I hope to be doing 2-4 times a week. AWESOME!
Wow Woo Wee Woo to Technology and Jogging!

I have got to run, make myself and smoothie and shower because I am hungry and sweaty!


  1. Way to Go Katy!! I have a feeling that tackling that loop is in my not too distant future. . .maybe this coming Tuesday???